Trigg and Saffron Maids 2013 


Trigg and Saffron Maids 2013


Trigg Brighton Camp -(B&W) Stanton Harcourt 


Trigg dancing to alternative music 


Martyn Windham-Reed and Gang , with pete Philp solo jig


Saturday Night to the tune Hal an Tow



Chipping Camden 2012 Show Dance 


Stafford Show Dance - after a night of flooding


Shepherds Hey Bucknell in Lostwithiel 2008 (Rude ?) 


Trigg trying Lichfield 


Cornwall Channel - St Hygenus 


Christmas Music at Blisland 


A Blisland Solo Jig 


A rare outing for A jug by the Ear 


Trigg Ring of Bells 


Trigg practising in our old home in Bodmin


Vic Legg getting an EFDSS Gold Badge


Trigg on TV - Oz Clark and James May


A typical Easter - Arriving at Launceston




Trigg Morris Home