This year's programme


The Traditional Easter Tour !

Easter Monday, April 18th

Launceston Town Square 10-30 am


- Where were you ?  

The May Evening Programme - mostly dancing outside pubs


The far North for us !

May 5 at 8pm – The Rising Sun - Altarnun

PL15 7SN rags.opera.sigh

& at 9pm The Kings Head – 5 Lanes

PL15 7RX caravan.volcano.remarking


A dry spot !

May 12 at 8pm – Coombe Village – Nr St Stephen

PL26 7LJ scouts.pushing.unframed

& at 9pm The London Inn – Summercourt

PLTR8 5DY golf.midfield.hats



May 19 at 8pm The Crown Inn – Lanlivery

PL30 5BT outlined.polar.crystals

& at 9pm The Kings Arms – Luxulyan

PL30 5EF sing.skies.taskbar


Almost in England – but with good TV reception

May 26 at 8pm The Swingletree – Kelly Bray

PL17 8DU tadpole.tinsel.tolerable

& at 9pm The White Hart – Chilsworthy

PL18 9PB winter.frail.wonderfully

For those not in the know - the funny 6/7 Letter and Number combinations are Postcodes

Your SatNav will know what to do with them (as well as the local postman)

The even more bizarre three words and full stops do mean something - try What Three Words 





We often try to put posters up - which look like this       





In Winter time the nights are darker, but we have been known to help in Wassailing, Mumming and celebrating the Xmas spirit with suitable carols and dances.

We have even sparkled 




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