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Trigg Blog. Thursday 18th April


A pre-season night out saw Trigg Morris freezing their bells off at The Kings Head at Five Lanes. 
A fine turnout entertained the brave audience but the cold started to take it's toll.  When the musicians fingers became too numb to play, there was a very quick decision to finish the set indoors.

We had a nice audience but still plenty room to dance and play in front of a roaring fire. 
The music started quietly but as the evening went on, our new musician Kevin showed us what he could bring to the sessions. Pat got the whole crowd singing with several songs but we all thought particularly of Darren as we belted out Black Velvet Band (The team also wore Darrens funeral flowers in their hats tonight as a mark of respect).
The highlight for me though, was Ian's rendition of You can't be a Pirate! 
I'm told it's been around for years but NOBODY has sung it like Ian! This is going to be a brilliant season! 

But it's all part of being a pirate, 
You can't be a pirate with all of your parts!

Jim. :-)

Trigg Blog. Wednesday 8th May

This was a different night in many ways, a little departed from our normal Thursday night two pubs session. We were to dance in company with Tywardreath Morris on Fowey Quay then afterwards at the Royal Fowey Yacht Club. Apparently, it was to give the visiting French yachtsmen a taste of 'danse traditionnelle'  Fortunately, the weather stayed dry and we had an appreciative audience on the Quay. After the dancing on the Quay, we made our way to the RFYC which apparently is the posh sailing club and not like the Gallant Sailing Club which is rough and ready! (just joking).

On arrival at the Royal Fowey Yacht Club we were treated to the smell of a delicious BBQ., unfortunately, it was not for us, that is; not unless you paid the £12 for it. We did, however get a free pint. Dancing took place on the Patio and was a little cramped but hey! we did our thing then went inside for the traditional sing around. No seats available! and we were cramped into one end of the room so nobody could really hear us or see us. What we didn't know at the time, was, down the other end of the club, were a couple of visiting French sailors, who had in their possession, a melodeon and a drum (sorry  tambour) and were entertaining the crowds at their end of the room.

After some time 'flogging a dead horse' or 'farting into the wind', our Trigg musicians cut their losses and with 'if you can't beat them, join them' attitute left their corner of the room and went and joined the Frenchies down their end.  The addition of 4 or 5 Trigg musicians to the two French seemed to have improved the entente cordiale somewhat and with the audience joining in with such quaint numbers as 'This Could Be The Last Time' the night was resurrected and a fun time was had by all.

PS. The French were very impressed with Chris Ridley singing to them a song totally in French.

Bob Mann

Trigg Blog. Thursday 16th May 2013

Trigg at Crantock & Newlyn East 16 May 2013 (14 photos)
I arrived late (oops!) and the team were already dancing but they got me parked up, out the car and dancing, even before I got my bells on!
I brought my new super duper camera tonight. 
I put the battery on to charge so I could take lots of wonderful photos . . . 
Sadly, I discovered the battery was still on charge in my kitchen . . Oops again!
So. These were taken with my phone . . . 

The sun was out and everybody was up for fun at The Cornishman, in Crantock. We had a good crowd watching from there and also from the Old Albion despite it's appearance! 
We had two teams up for several dances and it was a great start to the evening.
It didn't take long to get to The Pheasant in St Newlyn East and we had a nice spot in front of the pub to dance.
The audience did come out to watch and we were up and dancing again. Ian was in the mood for misbehaving and we had a bit of mischief during some of the dances. Not sure if the squire was impressed . . . he he he.
We got settled nicely inside for our singsong. We had songs from Chris, Mick, Chris, Viv, Pete, Pat, & Ian and some from the audience too. 
Pete did a recitation!
We had 'two brides to be', including our Amy, and the songs often celebrated this theme nicely.
The musicians deserve special praise for tonight though. It all came together really well and there were some quality moments.
Once again though, the end came all too soon. 

Never mind. I've got next week at Lanjeth and St Dennis to look forward to. 


Trigg Blogg 23rd May 2013

Not much to say about the village of Lanjeth really except it was a bit of a disappointment. This was just one of our venues without pub we do twice a year in which Skinners Brewery gives us a carton of beer to take to the village to dish out free of charge to the locals. Needless to say, we had plenty of beer left over from this venue as there was just one family there to watch us, two adults and two children.

Neil told me, "when he went to take down the posters in the village, the previous day, there were none to take down", they had already been taken down in advance by some kind person (not) who probably thought Trigg were 'fly posting', problem was, none of the villagers got to see the poster, consequently, it was Trigg and one other! Still! It was a good practice nonetheless.

Second half of the night was much better, this was at the Commercial Inn, St Dennis. Although Gary the Landlord wasn't there this night, he made certain we were catered for as usual, in the way of a free welcoming pint plus nice pasties later on in the evening .

Gary's pub, the Commercial Inn lends itself to a nice homely atmosphere, with a roaring fire down one end and a nice carpet on the floor. It was pretty chilly this night so the fire was certainly welcome.

I think Trigg must have a magnetic attraction, I saw one guy and his wife pop a fiver in the hat just before we started our indoor session, he announced that unfortunately, he couldn't stay because he had to work early the next morning. He walked out the door only to return 3 minutes later where he stayed until gone 11pm, I bet he was knackered the next morning.

Music was fine, with almost a full compliment of musicians, Ted Kent played his expensive melodeon superbly, what a lovely sound comes out of that machine of his. I would think, today's prices, you'd be looking at £1k for that sort of machine. The audience seemed pretty enamoured with Trelawney and joined in with gusto, Trelawney always seems to go down well in the old mining villages as does the team's rock and roll at the end of the night. Pete Philp amazes me! he has made the transition from accordion to melodeon (one push and pull, the other just push), or something like that, as if he's been playing it for years.

A  bit of self congratulation for Trigg for recovering from what started out as a practice session in a village to another successful night in the pub.

Bob Mann.

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Trigg Blog 30th May 2013

What a brilliant spot to meet up with The Plymouth Maids for some dancing!
The sun shone, we were surrounded by a large audience and we had a lot of fun in a beautiful setting.
We had two teams up for many of the dances and alternated with the Maids.

Sometimes I was dancing with some of the more experienced team members. With people like Ian in the set, you do have to keep your wits about you!
The funniest was Maid of the Mill where Trevor & I were reluctant additions to the set, dancing in unfamiliar positions. The photo's say it all!
We moved on to The Rising Sun at Gunnislake and clogged up the road there for a bit.
Again, we had lots of dancers and two teams up for many.
The Plymouth Maids did their bit too, finishing the set by leading us all in a Circle Dance.
We did quite well all fitting into the pub for our singsong but it all seemed to work very well. The melodeons, concertina's & accordions led the evening but we had songs from Chris, Chris, Pat, Mick, Ian, Viv, Pete & others.

As usual, it was hard to finish & go home and, even as the instruments were being packed away, Neil was leading us in a song about how The Revolution would start . . . . just as soon as the pub closed!
Another great evening.
Thanks everybody.

P.S. Photo credits also to Bronnie & to Malcolm for stepping in with the camera while I was dancing.

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Trigg Blog 6th June 2013

Trigg at Pendoggett and Port Gaverne. 6 June 2013. (26 photos)
This is 'proper' summer!
Heading West, with the sun shining for another night with Trigg Morris.
Although a little bit out the way, it was a really nice spot for our first performance. There was a fine turnout from the team & everyone was in great spirits. There was also a very good, and appreciative audience, the numbers possibly improved by this weeks Royal Cornwall Show.

I reckoned I'd better follow the convoy to the Port Gaverne Hotel & lined up to leave the car park. Confusingly, most of them turned right but I decided to follow The Bagman and turned left before swinging over towards the sea. It was beautiful coming down over the hill into Port Gaverne but I'm not convinced either route was any faster than the other. We all arrived at once from two directions and there was the usual 'rammy' for parking places!
We determined to get our usual photo with the sun setting in the background. Luckily it's not very difficult to get Trigg to pose for photos. It's actually much harder to keep them out of photo's once the tourists cameras appear!
It can be a bit tricky dancing on the slope but Trigg gave a great performance, in front of a good crowd with many regular faces. Squire, Rob, fielded two teams for many of the dances. Mick abandoned the musicians to join in Old Woman tossed up but I reckon, although everyone raised the standard, the photo of Bobs star jump shows there's plenty life in the old bugger yet!

The music session afterwards, indoors, got off at a good pace and continued all night, barely even stopping when the landlord kindly appeared with food for the dancers and musicians. Ian's Pirate Song goes from strength to strength but we had lots of great ones from Chris, Pat, Ian, Chris, Viv and let's not forget Lyn reminding us 'you don't get tit for tat!'.
Another great evening.

Thanks chums. Jim. — in Port Gaverne

Trigg Blogg 13th June 2013.

Pier Inn Charlestown

There were white fluffy clouds and a hint of sunshine on the way to Charlestown, a world away from last year, when most of Trigg had to metamorphosis and grow webbed feet to allow for the heavy rain and soggy conditions we were expected to dance in.

Thursday night saw a fairly good turnout from Trigg and more spectators than I expected, however, whether or not they were there to watch us perform or to see No.s 7 and 8 fall into the sea off the end of the road during Sheriff's Ride is another matter.

Usual problems parking, the double yellow line fairy has been everywhere in Charlestown, leaving you the choice of parking half a mile up the road or paying £2.50 in the local car park for half an hour's stay - no brainer! The car park is cheap if you intend to spend the whole day in Charlestown but why would you anyway?

Welcome Home Inn, Par.


I have to say, this is not my favourite pub, it's more like a working man's club and it didn't do our ego's much good when we found half the inmates were perpetually peed at 9pm before we'd even started! Perhaps, I'm being a little unfair because the Landlord did supply us with some sandwiches and a few nibbles to keep us going through the oft 'hard work' trying to sing with the noise going on at the bar. The atmosphere improved further on into the evening once the audience found they could join in with some of the songs like 'It Takes A Worried Man To Sing A Worried Song', White Rose and Little Eyes etc. and we even managed to gain an extra washboard player and melodeon player.



Well done! to the usual Trigg singers, you make the night. We ended the night with the inebriated clientele in the bar area dancing in the aisles.

Bob Mann.