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Trigg Blog. Thursday 10th May
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Trigg Blogg and Chipping Campden Ring Meeting
Trigg Blog. Thursday 31st May
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Trigg Blog. Easter Monday 2012


It was a good day out for Trigg Morris Easter tour 2012 even though it rained I certainly enjoyed myself. We still managed to dance in the Arcade at Launceston, inside the Archers pub at Lewannick (they kindly moved the pool table to give us room). A couple of Dances outside the Blisland Inn, we also danced outside Lanhydrock house where they supplied us with Tea and biscuits aftrewards. As the rain got worse we then danced inside the entrance hall where we had a team photo taken. We ended up the day at The Earl of Chatham pub in Lostwithiel as it was still raining we just had a good music and singing session instead.

Courtesy of Andy Dabrowski


Trigg Blog. Thursday 3rd May 2012.


As we drove down into Cornwall, we found ourselves leaving the sunshine and heading towards ‘heavy, dark and pendulous’ clouds. Were we going to get rained on? Darren wondered if the pubs would be big enough to dance indoors?  In Triggs experience, all pubs are big enough to dance in,  although not all safely . .

In the end, it did stay dry all night at The Kings Head at Five Lanes & The Rising Sun at Altarnun.

Click image for larger version, return using arrows.


There was a brilliant turnout tonight with Bob & Malcolm the only regulars I noticed missing. Remember to bring notes next week gentlemen!

Phil finally had his bells back. Although we’d all hunted for them since Easter, Pat had the extra pair in his bag all along. Watch him!

We danced in the road and although we thought we’d blocked the traffic, it turned out that most of them had stopped to watch.

Trigg danced a good set with some ‘specials’ with ‘expert’ dancers only. For the most part, this worked really well. I couldn’t comment on Darren’s interesting start to Brighton Camp because a verse later I found Trevor and I silently facing opposite directions when we were supposed to be violently clashing sticks! Oops!

An audience turned out of the pub to watch us tonight and there were special cheers when the landlady joined the men for the ‘off’ dance, Bonny Green.


We followed the convoy along narrow lanes to get to The Rising Sun in plenty of time.  It was then I realised my hat was still at The Kings Head. Thanks Roger for spotting it and reuniting us!

Trigg danced well again as night-time fell around us. I was trying to get some photos but had to keep putting my camera away as they called “One man short!”

It was a good display though. Well done boys!


Indoors we settled in the corner and I got my acoustic bass out to join the melodions,  accordions and concertinas as we filled the pub with music and got everyones feet tapping. As the evening went on there were songs from, Chris, Lin, Vic, Viv, Ian, Terry, Pete, visitor Jim, Pete M, Pat & Chris R to entertain us through the evening.

Click image for larger version, return using arrows.

Roger did a recitation, but Pete P came back with another about The Titanic . . . well . . the iceberg . . and a polar bear & his family. It was sad. I wonder if I can upload it?

It got a bit louder towards the end with our folk favourites such as ‘Honky Tonk Women’ leading us to our Rock’n’Roll Finale.

What a great first night! Thanks everyone.                                                                           JPH.


Courtesy of Jim Hutchins


Trigg Blog. Thursday 10th May 2012


Arriving late (oops!) at The Western Inn in St Austell, I joined the team dancing to a good crowd, in front of the pub. We rarely do 'town' venues but this clearly worked well because as soon as we started, people appeared from, flats, houses and the local shops. One lady spotted us from the bus and jumped off at the next stop to come to watch us!
This pub turned out to have everything. Beer, customers, a barbers (Yes! A Barbers shop in the bar!) and wonderful food. It was a real treat to have food laid on at the first venue. Not only sandwiches and savouries but something I'd never seen before . . . Cream Splits!  I initially thought they were scones with jam and clotted cream but soon discovered how nice a bread roll could be jam and a (really good) dollop of clotted cream! Mmmmm . . . .

What's that?
What about the Morris Dancing?
I wasn't ready for 'Old Carew' but did manage to get some photo's. The team danced well in a great spot with a good audience and a lovely smell of food from the local Chinese Takeaway. I hope everything cooking was turned down because they came out to watch us too!

I lost one of my bell pads during 'Banks of the Dee' but was soon repaired and up again for 'Brighton Camp'. Too soon, it was time for our off dance, 'Bonny Green'. Getting the Landlady up with us, (the Landlord did the manly thing and took photographs!), we recruited other members of the crowd to join us in the dance. A crowd of teenagers were interested (they always are), but in the end, despite much pushing, they didn't have the bottle to join us. They never do . . but (even if we didn't plant a seed for the future) it was remarked how good it was just to see them taking the chance for harmless, but genuine, fun!
After a song to thank the Landlord before leaving, it was only a short hop to the Hewas Inn in Sticker, although it was already dark when we got there. We fielded two teams for many of the dances with one on the road and one down on the patio where the audience could see them better. Trigger was prancing about again but was particularly worried when he spotted a sign warning locals that there were horse thieves in the area! Watch out Trigger!

I managed to get photo's of 'Wenford Bridge' but was too busy dancing to get any for 'Nightingale, Dearest Dickie, The Clock, Room for the Cuckold, Greensleeves & Saturday Night'. 
There was plenty of space as we settled inside to entertain the locals with the team belting out regulars such as "We'll end the day as we begun. We'll end it all in pleasure! . . ." , treats for me such as a first rendition of 'Hoots mon!, there's a moose loose aboot this hoose!' (I wasn't so sure about Trevors song about someone kissing Jim . . .) and treats from visitors, Bonnie & others!    JPH.


Courtesy of Jim Hutchins

Trigg Blog. Thursday 17th May 2012.


The trip to Gunnislake was a long one for most of the team, but for Darren and I, it was easy-peasy tonight. Just up the hill from Plymouth.
We arrived early to an exciting presentation of the squires new waistcoat. 


Founder squire, Chris Penton's beautiful ornate waistcoat was recently retired by the team after sixty years service and Elaine Philp was asked to create a replacement. The new waistcoat maintains the original design but contains materials supplied by current team members. The verdict? Beautiful! What an incredible job you've done Elaine. A heart-felt thank you from the team.
After a generous drink from The Rising Sun, we danced in the loveliest spot so far. There was good space, a good audience and a feeling that we'd just been dropped in the middle of nature.
I joined one of two teams up for 'Balance the Straw', then managed to photograph the guys doing 'Maid of the Mill' and 'Greensleeves'. I danced 'Sherriffs Ride' quickly followed by one of my favourites, 'Jug by the Ear'. No-one was injured. After 'Room for the Cuckold' it was time for our last dance, 'Bonny Green'. We were joined by some of the audience, the barmaids (there was a bit of jostling to see who would partner them!) and our new resident seamstress, Elaine. Yay!
At the Queens Head at Gunnislake, we took up a position where we could cause most disruption to the through traffic, and kicked off with 'Wenford Bridge'. The audience came out to watch as we followed with 'Brannel, Abnals & Old Woman Tossed Up'. Trevor reminded me as we danced the new 'Constant Billy' although my confidence was short-lived as I stayed up for 'Brighton Camp'. Let me just say that much of it was perfect . . . After 'Headington Off' and several photo calls we were safely back in the pub.
It was a large pub for singing and although it started with us at one end facing a bemused bevy of locals at the other, by the end of the night the whole pub was singing along to Li'l Eyes, I Love You and I Love the White Rose.

My favourite part though was Vics rendition of a Devon folk song, The Bell Ringing. Perhaps we should do it again this Jubillee?
"Twas in Callington Town, the bells they did sound. They rang for a belt and a hat laced with gold, but the men of Northlew, rang so steady and true, that there never were better in Devon I hold."


Courtesy of Jim Hutchins


Trigg Ring Meeting – Chipping Campden – 25 to 27th May 2012.


You couldn’t really say we were in convoy. . . because Viv, Phil and the others raced off and left the rest of the team following on in the mini-bus L. After a little bit of trouble navigating through Tavistock, we had a good journey and, around 6.30pm, pulled into the school in Chipping Campden to meet up with 19 other teams for the 331st meeting of The Morris Ring. The oldest association of Morris Dancers in the known universe!

We were shown to our room . . . a Maths Class, and quickly set up camp before heading to the hall for some refreshments. We had a shock in store. There was NO BEER there and no alcohol allowed on the premises! Armed with a map of Chipping Campden and a promise of discounted beer, we set off on a pub crawl. It was a beautiful evening, in a beautiful village full of Morris Men disguised as normal people. We did give the show away though, by bursting into spontaneous music and song at every opportunity. Many of Trigg settled back at the Eight Bells and I spent the rest of the evening playing music & singing in the courtyard with folkies from all over the UK. Musicians included Chris Farr of Dartington Morris. This was the first time I’d met him and I didn’t know then that this would be the crazy man standing on a chair at The Feast singing an interestingly chorded song that nobody understood, to huge applause & acclaim from the assembled Morris teams. I didn’t know then that he had attended this ‘school’ and was caned on his first day for breaking one desk and one window! I didn’t know then that Dartington’s show dance would be from “the lost Filkins tradition, reconstructed by erudite member Christopher Farr” (Wiki). The man was clearly a genius or was absolutely bonkers! I think I liked him instantly!

On Saturday morning, the caterers were surprised by our early enthusiasm (Chris started the queue by 6.45am!) but a great breakfast sent us out on our tours. It was arranged that we disperse to the . . erm . . FIVE points of the compass & Trigg headed out on the North Tour with Shakespeare (the Morris team, not the playwright!) and Kennet. We had a good day out in blistering sunshine as we danced at Bidford-on-Avon, Alcester, Ardens Grafton (lunch was our second chilli of the weekend. Very nice though.), finishing at Mary Ardens Farm, Wilmcote. Our tour guide was Shakespeares’ Alan Whitbread. Official Ale Taster for Alcester. With our Viv on the bus, he had his first ever Morris Ring Tour with a lady on board. The ground didn’t open up & swallow us and no-one was struck by lightning! Good result then.

The bus driver did get lost though on our way back to Chipping Campden for the massed dances and show dances. There was some great dancing in front of a large crowd. Our offering was the Fieldtown, Old Woman Tossed Up in a Blanket. With only ten years under my belt, I was the relative novice in the show team. It seemed to go really well and the photo’s showed good lines and that fine old tradition of ‘Morris Levitation’. I was elated by the response from the crowd but Roger reckons we always get a good cheer simply for coming all the way from Cornwall!

“There was an old woman tossed up in a basket. Seventeen times as high as the moon. Where she was going, I just had to ask it, for in her hand she carried a broom. "Old woman, old woman, old woman," said I, "Please tell me, please tell me, why you're up so high?" "I'm sweeping the cobwebs down from the sky, and I'll be with you by and by." “

With Viv and Taffy at their first ‘away’ Ring Feast, we settled in, all with our false moustaches on, for the evenings food and entertainment. Nobody copied us with the moustaches but as soon as we made hats out of our napkins, it spread throughout the room. (Not the most disruption we’ve ever caused at Ring Meetings.) There were speeches, good food and good songs afterwards but we still finished up back at the Eight Bells for a ‘proper sing-song’ before bed.

Many of us assembled in the town square and after many delays there was a HUGE parade of Morris Men to the church. It must have looked spectacular to the locals but I could only see the wobbly Morris arses in front of me!

After a final display in the square and a spot of lunch, we all headed back from the sunny Cotswolds to news of rain in Cornwall. There’s something comforting about the familiar . . . 

Thanks for a great Ring Meeting everyone.

(Special thanks to Dave, Andy, Andy and anyone else I abandoned my camera to so that I did appear in some of the photos. Brilliant show dance pics, Dave. It’s not true what Tina says!)


JPH. 27 May 2012.

Courtesy of Jim Hutchins

Trigg Blog. Thursday 31st May.

It's been over 110 years since there was a local pub in Golberdon Village, according to the locals. This could explain why Trigg haven't danced there before. Tonight though, with the support of Skinners Brewery, Trigg met up with The Plymouth Maids to dance for the villagers.

Click image to enlarge

Despite the cold damp weather, there was a good turnout at the village green-cum-playground and the barbeque was underway as we started dancing.
Trigg set the bar high with the first few dances and The Plymouth Maids made a valiant effort to compete. Ian made the observation though, that several of them hadn't even removed their cardigans yet! They danced very well without them later as those naughty Trigg boys modelled them for the villagers!

Click image to enlarge

As we drove to the Crows Nest at Darite, the rain and mist closed in and it felt a bit 'Hounds of the Baskervilles' as we searched for the light of the pub in the failing light. We weren't scared though. Safety in numbers, you see!
The rain stayed light enough to dance outside but it was nice to settle in the warmth of the pub for our regular music and song session. We were given a lovely welcome by locals and the landlord & landlady so I hope we get to go back there another season. Thanks again everybody.

Trigg Blog. Thursday 7th June.

Darren & I arrived in good time at the St Kew Inn and there was a good turnout of dancers despite the weather.

Click image to enlarge

 It's a great spot but the rain didn't ease and we hope we didn't disappoint our audience when we had to take the instruments (and ourselves) indoors to stay dry. With a couple of songs for the landlord we were soon on our way to Port Gaverne for our final spot.
We always dance at The Port Gaverne Hotel at this time of year and always pause to have our photo taken with the sun setting in the bay behind us. In my 11 years with Trigg, I've only ever known good weather here, but tonight was going to be very different. Ian reckons the sun still set behind the clouds but it was hammering down so none of us went outside to check!
Tina arrived with Chris Ridley's accordion. "Everybody will just have to wait" she said. "What? Until you learn to play it?", I asked.
The Port Gaverne is far too small to do Morris Dancing indoors, so of course we soon cleared a space to do just that. 

Click image to enlarge

It was a bit of a squeeze and quite tricky at time but still managed to entertain holidaymakers, locals, fans and the usual 'hangers-on'! It is a lovely place to play music and to sing and we finished with a great folk session . . . again!
Night-night everybody.



Trigg Blog. Thursday 14th June.


The wind and rain pummelled us as we walked towards the Pier House in Charlestown. The rough seas looked dramatic behind the tall ships moored there but we really weren't sure if we were going to be able to dance.

Click image to enlarge

The 'vertical' rain eased off though and a good turnout of Trigg Morris Men was soon up dancing in the wind and sea-spray. We managed two teams up for several dances and it was invigorating and fun to dance in the stormy conditions. It was also good to see such a good crowd leave the warmth of the pub to come out and watch us, although they did make sure they were very well wrapped up! Well done the musicians for surviving the elements too.

Click image to enlarge

We then went on to the Welcome Home in Par. As we arrived the rain HAMMERED down! It did ease off though & we got out onto the parking area and managed a few dances before the heavens opened up again. It was good to have our London based Trigg Exile, Ben with us playing mandolin. Ben wasn't the only musician tempted onto the 'dance arena' and our very own Mick Bull looked dangerous as he leaped his way through Old Woman Tossed Up.
We settled inside for a very good music session with a good mix of traditional songs and music interspersed with Trigg's usual comedy interludes.
Another good night.


Trigg Blog. Thursday 21st June.



After all this rain, Darren & I were thrilled to see the sun breaking through as we left Plymouth and headed into Cornwall. The rain that followed soon dampened our excitement! It was wonderful, though, to see the colourful array of rainwear as Trigg Morris assembled in Polperro car park, sucking up to the Bagman for the £4 parking fee.
After a couple of false starts, Pat & I followed on, walking with our guitars, not really sure where we'd find the others. The rain had stopped though, and we arrived at the quay as the team assembled for Saturday Night. Amazingly it stayed quite dry as we also performed Greensleeves, Step Back, Vandals of Hammerwich, Brannel, & Wenford Bridge, dancing off towards The Pilchard with an early Princess Royal. The damp but enthiastic audience evaporated away as we meandered to "The Big Green".

Click image to enlarge

At least it was dry for us and a small audience under the canopy as we danced. Balance the Straw, Constant Billy, Room for the Cuckold, Valentine, The Clock, and Abnals. We got into trouble from the Squire and the Gaffer for messing around during Balance the Straw but hopefully made up for it with a near perfect Valentine. Phil always dances opposite me in The Clock and I was disappointed when he declined . . . briefly! He made it up in time. We really must learn that dance!
We made it to The Crumplehorn Inn without getting any wetter but the 'open mic' session in the gazebo held us back from starting our music session in the bar. Once we did get started though, they knew about it. We had a great audience squeezed into the doorway listening and joining in with another great session.

Maybe the sun will shine on us next week.
What do you think?


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