Date of Birth:

20 November 1944

Place of Birth:

Otterham, Cornwall


Local Government Officer

Year began the Morris:


What was it that made you try the Morris?


Are you a Dancer, Musician, Both or other?

Dancer and Bagman

What made you persevere with it?

I did not want to be the first to give up!

Who you have danced with except Trigg?

No one as a team member

What is your preferred Dance Tradition?


What is your favourite Dance?

Glorisher FT

What 'High Spot' do you remember since you started?

There have been many

Having been first persuaded to join in, I was then asked to be Bagman and have not managed to escape the duty since.  Fortunately the side have left me to get on with it as I wanted, being more interested in activity rather than administration.
I would like to master an instrument, but up to now, I have made little progress, perhaps one day?