Peter Hicks


Place of Birth:



Retired handyman

Year began the Morris:

1973 & 2012 I had a "year out" that lasted 30 years.

What was it that made you try the Morris?

Saw Trigg at a Folk Evening & decided I wanted some of that.

Are you a Dancer, Musician, Both or other?

Dancer 1st.Drummer 2nd.

What made you persevere with it?

Found out I'm a Natural :o)

Who you have danced with except Trigg?

No-one:Never had any interest in joining any other side - It just wouldn't be the same craic.

What is your preferred Dance Tradition?


What is your favourite Dance?

Monks' March

What 'High Spot' do you remember since you started?

Too many good times to single one out, but I guess dancing in Bampton as guests of the Bampton side rates highly.

A bit about yourself: