Date of Birth:

1st October 1936

Place of Birth:

Luton Bedfordshire


Retired Nurse

Year began the Morris:


What was it that made you try the Morris?

I love dancing

Are you a Dancer, Musician, Both or other?

Both - play the washboard!

What made you persevere with it?

Because I was quite good at it

Who you have danced with except Trigg?


What is your preferred Dance Tradition?


What is your favourite Dance?

If I really had to choose - Valentine

What 'High Spot' do you remember since you started?

Too many to mention!

After leaving school in December 1952, I served an Apprenticeship at RAF Halton, then at various RAF units until mid 1964. I then worked in various engineering jobs until 1970 until I entered Nursing for 30 years. My last eight years were as a Marie Curie Nurse.