The Morris is one of England's oldest customs, thought to have been performed to welcome Spring, and ensure fertility at the rebirth of the year, and it was traditionally performed by men.  One of the earliest written records of Morris Dancing anywhere refers to New Years Day 1467, at Lanherne Manor, near St Columb, Cornwall

Other than the Cotswold dances we perform that feature sticks and wavers, there are other types of Morris, such as the North West processional dances, the sword dances and the dances of the Welsh borders, so look for other teams doing something different.

If your interest extends further, come and have a chat or drink with us after the show when we can give you a bit of our time.



This Association, founded in 1934, was established to encourage the survival of the Dance, and our side was elected to membership in 1974.  If you want information on the Morris, perhaps in your own area, contact the Bagman of the Morris Ring.