Maurice Dart



Place of Birth:

Plymouth, Devon.



Year began the Morris:


What was it that made you try the Morris?

I had seen Exeter Morris and Dunheved Morris dance and when I went on a week's Folk Dance Course at Burton Manor in the Wirral in August 1959 an hours Morris was included in the timetable each morning.  I had a go and was immediately 'smitten' by the Morris with a wish to gradually learn more about how to dance it.

Are you a Dancer, Musician, Both or other?


What made you persevere with it?

The fascination of all of the diverse traditions and the sheer enjoyment and exhilaration of dancing Morris.

Who you have danced with except Trigg?

For many years I had to resort to dancing Solo Jigs.  The Plymouth side of the early 1960s.  Also odd evenings and days out with Exeter, Mersey and Gloucestershire.

What is your preferred Dance Tradition?

Bledington or Fieldtown.

What is your favourite Dance?

Dearest Dickie (Fieldtown) and William and Nancy (Bledington)

What 'High Spot' do you remember since you started?

There are actually three.  Dancing Lumps Of Plum Pudding (Bledington) as a Solo Jig at a Retirement event for Bill Rutter at Exeter in September 1979 and also dancing the same Solo Jig at an evening hosted by the President of Sintra, Portugal in August 1969 when dancing there with an English team.  But I think my biggest 'High Spot' was being awarded my Trigg Colours on 28 February 2013 aged 81 years!

A bit about myself: I am single and born in Plymouth and I worked for English China Clays as a Chemist for 37 years mainly in Production as a Works Chemist.  I am a Railway ?Enthusiast, Photographer, Historian, Archivist and Author (20 books published to date with more to follow).

I continue to volunteer on the Bodmin & Wenford Railway mainly working in the Shop, but also dealing with various historical queries that the railway receives from time to time.  I play snooker regularly and like eating out with some wine or cider.  I lived in Gibraltar with my parents from January 1948 to July 1949 and visited several places in Spain and also Tangier and Cueta in North Africa.  Despite coming from Plymouth I passed my Scholarship at Bude Junior School (evacuated following the Plymouth Blitz raids) and I Matriculated from Gibraltar Grammar School.  I gained an 'A' Level Distinction in Chemistry at Cornwall Technical College.  I have danced in Ireland three times, in Jersey twice, and spent two weeks each in Yugoslavia and Portugal dancing with English teams.