Trigg at Lostwithiel 1985 - thanks to Jonathan Barker (Cornish Memories) 


(l to r )- Owain Bell, Dennis Cook, Ian Chanter, Pete Philp, Robert Chisman and John Webb.

In the background are Brian Palmer (and his wife Maureen, who was very ill and sadly died in September 85) and Dave Martin

 Brian Palmer, on the left, stood next to Reg Ellis ( who was our Molly, but was not wearing kit that afternoon).  John Tremaine is in kit on the right.


   Trigg at Jamaica Inn 28 June 1984









Here we are in Launceston Square in 1976 More


It seems that on 15 March 1974 Trigg danced in Launceston Square 

But in Hats !!! 


And in 1971 at Easter in St Mabyn it seems we managed in Tabards rather than Baldricks

It seems this was the kit worn during the trip to the Irish West Coast and Willie Clancy

Dancing "Headington -How D'ye Do" 

Roger almost struck by Phil Beaumont + Mike Johnson + Vic Legg


Could that be a cummerbund ? 

 Roger Hancock + Peter Bunt + Vic Legg + Mike Johnson 



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