2022 - A new year with less isolation... 


Thursday dance-outs have recommenced


The Good folk of Pentewan haven't caught up with our change to a mixed side


But they did give us a warm welcome 

even if we balance on one leg 



There was the busy setting of Padstow and the Drang

Padstow- the Drang

Padstow- the Drang


We also saw St Columb and had fun it seems 

The Silver Ball St Columb

The Silver Ball St Columb

And St Mawgan dancing on the slope (again) 

We went as far East as we could to Tideford

and the people you meet there !


And also the Eliot Arms 


St Kew Highway 

 Lostwithiel Monmouth Square & Royal Oak  



 And a special Retirement do at Sawles Arms 



 We went to the pub-free zone that is Pengover Green 

and entertained people in our colourful manner







 We then went on to Menheniot for more fun and dancing in the street 

Outside the White Hart 



I've seen that dance step on our posters Elaine !




Neil apparently in another dance altogether 



With Malcolm - our own David Bailey 


And an ever eager Terry 


We had a big crowd in Fowey where we helped the Mayor light a Jubilee Beacon 


And of course we had to light something ourselves - Sparklers !

We went to Lanlivery and Luxulian 

At the first spot Trigg was down to earth 

At Luxulian it was more star-struck 




We went off-piste to Coombe

(no pub , but lots of people and fewer sticks than ideally necessary)

We took some beer


And the good folk of Coombe joined in 

A smaller dance spot and crowd followed at Summercourt 

We went to Altarnun and Five Lanes - meeting Lady Cyclists and a convenient hat stand 





The Easter Tour happened 


As well as posing in Launceston - we danced 

and Trigger snuggled 

But enough of that - on to Lewannick and the Archers Inn there 


And to more posing at Jamaica Inn 


And after that - there was Blisland and Lanivet - a blissful day 


We gathered at Tywardreath on April 9th to celebrate the passing of Phil Champion

- well loved dancer and erstwhile Squire

Thanks to Covid-19 we had to wait two years to do this 

We processed to the New Inn where Tywardreath Morris joined us 

And the day was rounded off with a lot of box playing 

Many friends were there 






We got on Radio Cornwall with Jack Murley 

Very unusual photograph of Trigg practising with bells on (?) 



Three sides : Trigg, Tywardreath and Plymouth joined together to celebrate Maurice Dart's 90th Birthday 


Looking dapper as ever 

And still he dances ! 

After Lichfield he went on to Fieldtown, and then a jig !


The Feast of St Hygenus was face-to-face 

And then there is the question of Trig points 

 This is a concrete block on Helman Tor - not to be confused with Trigg Points 





What's happened in 2021 ?

We danced out Lanivet and sparkled - and Trigger met his new friends 

This was the same dances to Xmas tunes 





We then went on to Tywardreath where it seemed appropriate to dance indoors






The nights were drawing in when we went to Tideford 

and strange apparitions were seen 


Après Morris involves a lot more milling around and chatting this year 




A select band went to the Folk Festival at Wadebridge on August Bank Holiday and Anita White snapped us there 




We went to the Merrymoor Inn and watched the sunset (and thankfully missed the crowds going to Boardmasters)



And Sherriff's Ride to finish - dodging the Car Park traffic



We went out to Pentewan & Polgooth (and drew the Raffle) 


 Most of us joined in



 Other people snapped us (thanks to Buzzard LLP) 


Neil is getting used to contactless cash collection with Trigger's help 









There was Fowey ? (with a new dancer )




and there was Easter at Launceston (for a select few) 









We practised during 2020 :


This shows us socially distanced as the sun went down outside our usual practice hall in Lanivet 

Even Stanton Harcourt was attempted at 2m intervals 


And then there was Zooming to try out - with a lot of Quiz sessions 

Trigg Easter Tour 2019

- Photos by courtesy of Andy Dabrowski and Adam Dyer  


 Warming up 

In the Square              

Success !


The Winster Processional 

Town Crying 

   Lewannick         Trigger   

Lanivet at the end of the day 



       Rob, Peter and Alan 


Blisland for Lunch 


 Plus a bit of sparkling : At the end of the dancing season in September and then Just before Christmas at Launceston   







Blisland 28 Mar 2016

   Trevelmond 2 June 2106  


Albert Quay Fowey 11 August 2016


Archers Arms Lewannick 28 Mar 2016    


   Box Hill 16 July 2016


Burlawn 12 May 2016


 Caradon Inn Upton Cross 10 June 2016    


 Crown Inn St Kew 28 July 2016    



 Fisherman's Arms Golant 1 Sep 2016


 Jamaica Inn Bolventor 5 May 2016   


Lanhydrock 28 Mar 2016


    Lanhydrock Stables 28 Mar 2016 


 Launceston 28 March 2016     


 London Inn St Neot 2016     



 Maltsters Arms Chaple Amble 23 June 2016    

Pentewan 28 July 2016        

     Ponsanooth 4 June 2016                     Port Gaverne 9 June 2016



Red Lion St Kew Highway 9 June 2016    


Ship Inn Polmear 14 July 2016



Silver Ball St Columb 18 June 2016 



St Kew 23 July 2016   




Crown Inn 28 April 2016    


The Plough Coldharbour Surrey 16 July 2016


Fowey Town Quay 11 August 2016 


   Albert Quay Fowey 11 August 2016   



Westgate Launceston 28 March 2016 



 We visited Pentewan  (More photos here) 


Music was played 

Phil is checking on the next dance 




Fraddon 5 May 


Latchley 19 May 

We took our own beer as there wasn't a pub 

Plymouth Maids 

26 May Lanreath 


Lewannick 25 April 


Worthing     27 July 2011 



Xmas at Blisland 























Polbathick 17 May                                                                         Red Lion 



Brewood School July 



2008   More to follow....










Grass Valley California Tour 2003


Looking forwards to the transport                                                         Trigg came this close to Alcatraz 



Meal with friends - Dutch Flats                                                            Pappa Roger , Bob & Alan 


Holbrook Hotel Grass Valley CA




 Sweden 5th to 9th June 2009 

         Boy Racer Ridley 



         Helsinki Morris                 Richard Kumbien     Pete Marlow              Session Ad          


   Eken Morris       Eken MM                         On the Boat Again Ivor Vic & Bob 



A Postcard from Lanhydrock         

Trigg at Lostwithiel 1985 - thanks to Jonathan Barker (Cornish Memories) 


(l to r )- Owain Bell, Dennis Cook, Ian Chanter, Pete Philp, Robert Chisman and John Webb.

In the background are Brian Palmer (and his wife Maureen, who was very ill and sadly died in September 85) and Dave Martin

 Brian Palmer, on the left, stood next to Reg Ellis ( who was our Molly, but was not wearing kit that afternoon).  John Tremaine is in kit on the right.


   Trigg at Jamaica Inn 28 June 1984









Here we are in Launceston Square in 1976 More


It seems that on 15 March 1974 Trigg danced in Launceston Square 

But in Hats !!! 


And in 1971 at Easter in St Mabyn it seems we managed in Tabards rather than Baldricks

It seems this was the kit worn during the trip to the Irish West Coast and Willie Clancy

Dancing "Headington -How D'ye Do" 

Roger almost struck by Phil Beaumont + Mike Johnson + Vic Legg


Could that be a cummerbund ? 

 Roger Hancock + Peter Bunt + Vic Legg + Mike Johnson 



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