Other friends who have passed on

  Ivor Reed    1999-2013  Darren Marfleet  2010-2013

    Ted Kent 1998-2013

Ted joined in 1998 having previously danced North West Clog with Earlsdon Morris in Coventry. He enjoyed being part of the team, but felt that he was too old to start learning Cotswold Morris. Instead he became a much valued collector! He also played melodeon (pictured on the Trigg Postcard in 2001)

Ted received a special honour in 2021 of a place on the Banner for the Saddleworth Rushcart. Simon Newman of Earlsdon Morris is the current Squire of the Morris Ring and he gave Ted a special mention. 

Robbie Robins 1923-2015

Robert Robins, who died on 23rd February 2015, aged 91 can make the rare claim of having been an active member of six Morris Clubs.His interest in the Morris began, as a member of the Cambridge Morris Men. He became a House Surgeon at Bart’s, London and by 1948 had joined his second club, Beaux of London City;  Robert moved north in the early 50s became an early member of  Newcastle Kingsmen, 

Robert was  appointed at Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford which put him within striking distance of Headington Quarry Morris Men, then a team of mostly young lads (Kimber’s Boys). Robert was to teach the lads the Rapper that he had learnt in Newcastle . Robert’s next move was to Exeter where he was to join his fifth team, Exeter Morris Men.

In 1961 Robert moved to the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Truro. – you can go no further than Cornwall. But to his good fortune his sixth and final team was awaiting him, Trigg Morris. He was to become a valued member. In 1965 he retired from Trigg but remained good friends with the team – who were proud to dance at his funeral (with Headington Quarry members in the congregation).

  Brian Roberts 1977-79

Chapel Amble  Chris Penton 1972-1987 - Noted Musician sharing his birth date with St Hyginus

  Dave Blayney 1974-81 

  Dave Martin 1984-94

  Dennis Cook 1979-2000

  Dick Welsby 1971-72

 Mike Johnson 1972-88

 Pat Bell 1976-79

  Ern Keast 1979

  Peter Turner 1993-94 aka Mrs Baggit

  Peter Cock 1973-1986 

Reg Ellis

  Reg Ellis 1977-1985





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