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    Other friends who have passed on

      Ivor Reed   Darren Marfleet  

        Ted Kent

    Ted joined in 1998 having previously danced North West Clog with Earlsdon Morris in Coventry. He enjoyed being part of the team, but felt that he was too old to start learning Cotswold Morris. Instead he became a much valued collector, something he was extremely good at! He also played melodeon (pictured on the Trigg Postcard in 2001) and joined in the music sessions in the pub.


    Ted received a special honour in 2021 of a place on the Banner for the Saddleworth Rushcart. Simon Newman of Earlsdon Morris is the current Squire of the Morris Ring and he gave Ted a special mention. Sadly the Rushcart procession for 2021 has had to be cancelled, but Ted's name lives on. 







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