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    Sophia Skingley   A new member who is very good at collecting for the side

We have some friends who , even though they have moved away , still dance with or play for us when they can 

  Bob Mann      Lynn Thomas     Chris Thomas     Ethan Armes  Alan Tringham 


Sadly we had to announce the passing of one of our stalwart musicians

- Chris Ridley -  who died 2 May 2020 after a fight with cancer. 


Chris began his Morris with Thames Valley in  1953 where he began playing the Melodeon, later sometime after moving to Cornwall he joined Trigg as a musician soon after the team started in the early 1970's, and soon became the main musician, and he continued to maintain this role until quite recently. He continued his association with Thames Valley Morris Men and has been their  President in recent years.

 He always showed particular loyalty to the side and could always be relied upon to provide the music when required, whether it was at weekly dance outs, engagements, or trips away from home on visits to Morris Ring Meetings and the like.  When the Morris was over, Chris could be relied on to be in the centre of the action, entertaining with his broad repertoire of songs & music both Ancient & Modern. Messages already received recall personal memories of individuals who have enjoyed performances over the years.

 In addition, beyond the Morris Chris was also active in the Folk arena as a integral member of Bodmin Folk Club and creating & running Folk News Kernow for many years.

 His playing and singing will stay with us for a long time. 


It is with great sadness that we had to announce the passing of Phil Champion in 2020 after a long fight with the Covid-19 Virus.

Phil was a well respected dancer with Tywardreath Morris and Trigg,  and our Squire 2017-18 

Trigg's first encounter with Phil was around 1990 as a minibus driver who was engaged to deliver some of us home after those evenings out when there was some reluctance among the side to be the nominated driver. He enjoyed being with the team and we were invited to dance at his 40th Birthday celebration in 1991. We asked him to join in and he proved to be a natural!

Phil's career with Trigg will long be remembered with great affection.





Sadly, we had to announce the passing of  Andy Payne -who died 20 June 2020 at Derriford Hospital as a result of a recent stroke.

Andy joined Trigg Morris in the 2008/9 practice season and he has been a regular performer with the

side since then. He will be remembered as a popular , thoughtful & friendly colleague who will be much missed by his

friends in Trigg and Tywardreath Morris 





Other friends who have passed on

  Ivor Reed   Darren Marfleet  

    Ted Kent

Ted joined in 1998 having previously danced North West Clog with Earlsdon Morris in Coventry. He enjoyed being part of the team, but felt that he was too old to start learning Cotswold Morris. Instead he became a much valued collector, something he was extremely good at! He also played melodeon (pictured on the Trigg Postcard in 2001) and joined in the music sessions in the pub.


Ted received a special honour in 2021 of a place on the Banner for the Saddleworth Rushcart. Simon Newman of Earlsdon Morris is the current Squire of the Morris Ring and he gave Ted a special mention. Sadly the Rushcart procession for 2021 has had to be cancelled, but Ted's name lives on. 






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