Year of Birth


Place of Birth:

Sidcup, Kent


Retired from the RAF and RAuxAF after 40 years but was also an MOD Civil Servant (professional driver) at RAF St Mawgan for 12 years.

Year began the Morris:


What was it that made you try the Morris?

Looked a good idea at the time. Watched Trigg dancing at Port Isaac and Vic Legg persuaded me to join.

Are you a Dancer, Musician, Both or other?


What made you persevere with it?

Keeps me fit and I enjoy it and I enjoy the friendship and apres Morris.

Who you have danced with except Trigg?

Lincoln and Mickleborough

What is your preferred Dance Tradition?


What is your favourite Dance?

Currently, Millie's Bequest.

What 'High Spot' do you remember since you started?

Travelling to France, California, Channel Islands and to the Morris Ring Meetings

After spending 40 years in the RAF (I joined when I was 15), if you said I would be a Morris Man at the end of it - I would have thought you were daft! Well here I am! and. I am still enjoying it very much.
My highlight was being elected Squire of Trigg Morris for the two year period and leading the dances.

Why have I got an RAF badge on the back of my Baldrick?  In the military code of conduct, you are not allowed to wear uniform as fancy dress. I don't consider Morris kit as fancy dress and, as I have spent over 44 years in the RAF, I think that entitles me to wear it.  It's always a good conversation opener as well, people often ask why I have the badge on my Baldrick.